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Erin Fox

Erin Fox

I’ve always been fascinated by the different mediums of storytelling and, while growing up, could often be found hiding out somewhere lost in a book.

Whether reading a poem, a short story, a novel or the words of a song, I was always searching for a new story.

But strangely enough, it was music that inspired me to be a journalist.

The words of some of my favourite artists had more of a profound impact on me than any author.

Reading interviews with my favourite musicians in MOJO magazine left me hungry to learn more about them; it was then that I knew I wanted to be the one who was writing other people’s stories.

As luck would have it, my very first interview was at the age of 16 (when I was still in school ) with Patti Smith, the artist / poet / Godmother of punk —take your pick! The experience of meeting and interviewing someone who was – and still is – such an inspiration was a massive influence on me.

After winning an award for the interview, I followed my dream and studied Journalism at Dublin City University before working as a reporter and columnist for the Irish Catholic.

Seeing the trend towards social media and digital, I furthered my education with a Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute. This was invaluable during my years working as a marketing assistant for national arts centre and gallery, The Model.

My background in both journalism and marketing gives me a unique insight into the ways to tell a story – and the various powerful digital platforms on which those stories can be told.

As PR & Content Executive with StoryLab, every day I write content for diverse companies and individuals and use various storytelling platforms to share them.

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