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PR: IT Sligo

What they wanted.

When one of its lecturers made a world-class archaeological discovery with a 3,000-year-old bear bone, third-level institution IT Sligo needed world-class storytelling; to deliver the bombshell that human life existed in Ireland 1,500 years earlier than previously thought. Exciting stuff, but how to break it down in a simple and compelling way? IT Sligo also needed our help when one of its professors came up with a unique, ground-breaking method of preventing the superbug MRSA from spreading.

What we did.

StoryLab interviewed the archaeologist and developed the story in the way that would capture the imagination of journalists everywhere. A video interview, great images and a fabulous infographic completed the media package. The result was global coverage and critical academic acclaim for IT Sligo with coverage on CNN, the Discovery Channel, The Independent in London, Mail Online, RTE News, BBC News, AFP and The Smithsonian magazine in Washington. The MRSA story followed a similar path; stories and interviews about the IT Sligo-led breakthrough included The Guardian, Al Jazeera, BBC World Service, Newstalk, RTE News, and all the main national Irish newspapers. The challenge was to tackle complex subjects and make them relevant to the general audience.

What they said.

Two big pieces of research for IT Sligo in 2016 needed compelling storytelling and a wide audience reach — and that’s what the Institute got with StoryLab. Their attention to detail, integrity and professionalism throughout, not to mention the strength of their contacts book, helped bring both stories to life. Being able to tell a complex story in an engaging and accessible way is a skill. StoryLab have this ability and it helped IT Sligo reach an audience of millions.”

— Austin O’Callaghan, Communications Manager, IT Sligo

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