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POSTED 18.8.2017

ECubers summer camps use LEGO® to build future engineers

The importance of educating young people for Industry 4.0 is crucial for the country’s economic future. But to a news editor, that might not sound like a headline-grabbing story.

However, when you add in teenagers playing with LEGO® at summer camps, which are innovatively designed to encourage creative and technical skills, then you have a picture story.

The ECubers summer camps, being run at the University of Limerick, are for 13 – 15 year olds and aim to show secondary school students what it is like to work within a manufacturing environment.

The ECubers programme is run by the ESE Academy, an industry-led, not-for-profit initiative to advance the delivery of Equipment Systems Engineering (ESE) education. The ESE Academy was set up by Irish-owned software engineering company, SL Controls, in conjunction with the University of Limerick.

The aim of the ESE Academy is to educate students to the level required for Industry 4.0 — which includes cloud computing and the internet of things —as well as encourage young people to study and pursue careers in engineering.

Shane Loughlin, CTO and co-founder of SL Controls, established the ECubers programme in 2016 as he believes that very little has been done to explain to young people – especially young girls – how much engineering has evolved over the last 20 years.

He wanted to get young people excited about, and interested in, engineering. As a by-product, they also got the national media interested in the story. And what could be a more fun way to do both that than by using LEGO®?