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POSTED 10.12.2019

How to make your conference stand out from the crowd

Many organisations hold annual conferences every year and wonder why they get no media coverage of the event.

The organisers write a press release, telling the journalists that the event is on, 300 people are expected and it’s going to be great. But what they forget is that there are conferences on all across Ireland every, single day of the week.

And guess what… the organisers of those conferences are also all writing press releases, telling the journalists that the event is on, 300 people are expected and it’s going to be great.

When something happens every day, then it is not news. So, how do you make sure your event stands out from the crowd?

You need to find the story behind the conference.

Talk to the key note speakers and use a story from what they are going to say as your press release angle.

Is there research being launched at the conference? Maybe give some of the results of that to one of the outlets.

Suggest exclusive interviews with some of the speakers to a particular newspaper or podcast.

There are lots of ways to raise awareness of your conference but just be aware that a press release saying it is on will not cut it.

StoryLab works with the Learnovate Centre, which is an EdTech technology centre based out of Trinity College Dublin, helping to raise the profile of their annual EdTech conference Learnovation.

The most recent Learnovation Summit was held in October in Croke Park and we worked with the Learnovate Centre to find the stories within the conference.

Some of the outlets that picked up on the stories included The Irish Independent, The Irish Times, The Sunday Independent, TechCentral.ie and Irish Tech News. And the event was trending on Twitter on the day it was held.

Which goes to show that media outlets will cover a conference as long as you give them access to the stories behind it.