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POSTED 10.10.2018

Media does its homework on Learnovation Summit

The debate about how we learn in a digital age — both in the classroom and in the workplace — was front and centre of a unique EdTech conference in Dublin recently, with the subject matter generating plenty of headlines.

Sometimes it’s just not enough to tell people there is a conference coming up or merely listing the speakers – you’ve got to get the stories behind the brochure out there.

The ‘Learnovation Summit’ was organised by Learnovate, an industry-led technology centre based at Trinity College Dublin.

StoryLab worked with Learnovate to discover more about the nuts and bolts of the conference, to find out what kind of topics might be shared and what kind of interesting things the speakers might be talking about.

One key contributor to the ‘Learnovation Summit’ was Abdul Chohan, co-founder of The Olive Tree School in Bolton, England, who believes teachers should use technology to do things very differently.

At this school, for example, teachers don’t mark homework anymore – they give voice feedback from their mobile phones after students first upload images of the completed work.

Abdul’s forward-looking views certainly captured the attention of journalists and editors with the story gaining traction in print, online and on air. Newstalk featured an interview with Abdul on ‘The Hard Shoulder’ with Ivan Yates while the story was also reported by Newstalk, Irish Tech News, The Journal, Irish Examiner, Irish Independent, Irish Daily Mirror and The Irish Sun.