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Brexit PR: Unlocking Ireland

Brexit PR: we help clients unlock Ireland’s potential

Ireland is a wonderful country but sometimes people forget it has its own unique PR, content, and media landscape.

That can present brands of all sizes with different cultural and logistical challenges.

Making your headlines is our business

StoryLab offers insight and expertise in storytelling and profile raising.

If Brexit has made you consider doing business in Ireland and you require an experienced PR and content company, give us a call.

We provide Irish media training

We guide our clients through the hidden cultural quirks and nuances that can give you the edge in executing a targeted Irish PR or content marketing strategy.

We’ve worked at the most senior levels in the British national media and we’ve also managed Ireland’s biggest newsrooms.

That puts us in a unique position of having the inside track on what works and what doesn’t.

So if Brexit has you looking towards Ireland, we can help, whether it’s media intelligence, PR strategy or immediate action. We’ll connect you up with the key people across all Irish media platforms.

We put your story in front of the people who matter. Whether you are an established brand, consumer name or a startup about to take flight, StoryLab can help you cut through in Ireland.

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