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Social Storytelling

Some businesses need to be on social media 24/7. It’s their lifeblood. Others require a calmer, less frequent approach. Which one are you? StoryLab brings a strategic eye to your digital plan, helping you navigate the channels that fit your needs, with quality storytelling and content created and edited for defined audiences. We set clients up on platforms relevant to them, assist in implementing protocols for staff using company accounts and we develop posting calendars.

We deliver with:

  • Planning: Don’t post stuff just for the sake of it. We help you build coherent social media storytelling campaigns that don’t overwhelm — they make sense and provide you with clear objectives and outcomes that benefit your business.
  • Tone of voice: A business can sustain significant and lasting damage with inappropriate social posting. We can help to keep you on track and on message with content advice, tone of voice training and the legal dos and don’ts.
  • Crisis Handling: Dealing with official media is one thing, dealing with a firestorm on Twitter or Facebook requires different skills. A social crisis can take hold in seconds. We’ve got your reaction plan ready.

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