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POSTED 8.9.2020

Video: make it for a reason

Videos can help us tell bloody good stories – they bring people and their achievements to life, inspire imaginations and help to explain difficult concepts in simple terms.

They are the perfect vehicle for showcasing millstones and successes, for explaining new breakthroughs, showing off a region or workplace, or driving awareness of an event or a useful workshop.

But before you scream ‘Action!’ or ‘Roll it there Colette!’ (that’s for the older gen), you really do have to ask a few simple questions such as:

  • What do we want the video for?
  • What are the key messages and facts?
  • What are we trying to get people to feel or do after seeing it?
  • How are we going to use it?
  • Where are we going to show it?
  • Most importantly, who will feature in it?

Perception really is everything and this is never more true than in video. That’s why it’s vital to put forward people who can tell your story with energy – and emotion. You might think ‘Susan in accounts writes a fantastic memo’ or Bernard the HR Director wrote a great mission statement. But can they deliver on camera? Do they even want to appear on camera?

Often the answer to both questions is no. They can’t deliver on camera and they definitely aren’t into it. The result? A reluctant screen star delivering lifeless and irrelevant quotes. Without a producer asking the pertinent questions and eliciting the right answers, a video – which may well contain some lovely footage –can be hopelessly sabotaged by the dead hand of reluctant participants.

That crucial selection of interviewees also informs the length of a video, a decision that will impact on your audiences. So, how long should a video be? Well, in 2020, most people are able for 30 to 90 secs  – not much more.

That means that if you insist on wedging 6 people into your video -there won’t be enough time for any of them to say something meaningful.

Our key points:

  • Make a video for a good reason
  • Choose your people wisely
  • Keep it short and snappy

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