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POSTED 28.2.2018

Why storytelling should be at the heart of your video

We always tell our clients not to shoot a video for video’s sake. There’s nothing worse than going to the expense of hiring a videographer but failing to give storytelling or strategic direction.

Like any piece of broadcast journalism —which is what a video is— there must be exceptionally tight control over the story you want to tell and the required messaging.

In the same way an article requires an editor to weed out mistakes and spot more serious errors, as well as giving it an overall polish, video content needs the same rigorous storytelling and editing spotlight.

We recently made a short film for IT Sligo, and it’s a good example of the effectiveness of tight and disciplined storytelling during a fast-moving day of events when there is a lot coming at you. You can watch the results here.

When making video, it’s no good if the camera starts rolling and the CEO or founder goes off on a tangent —or your employee says something inappropriate, even in a subtle way.

You need to know what belongs in the story you are trying to tell. And what doesn’t.

We make videos at StoryLab, but not for video’s sake. We sit down with you and map out the story, making sure we get the right footage, the right words and the right look. Our experienced editing team does the rest before you roll it out and start counting the eyeballs.

One last thing, we don’t allow costs to spiral —we have set fees and quick turnaround times for all our films. Talk to us today about how we can help tell your story.