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POSTED 6.7.2018

Maximum exposure for great business stories

At StoryLab, we love working with all types of businesses — from multinationals and large corporates to small businesses and sole operators — as long as they have a good story to tell.

Two of our most recent clients show that the media is more interested in the story behind your business than the size of your balance sheet.

Kimberley Lee is a former banker from Brighton who is running an international online clothing company from the North West of Ireland.

Her passion for buying clothes – and taking selfies in them – turned into a viable business when people started contacting her to buy the clothes. When she realised that her hobby was making her more money than her ‘real’ job, she set up Oh Hello Clothing.

Kimberley’s story ended up in many local and national media outlets, including The Sunday Business Post and The Irish Sun which resulted in her being a cover girl for a magazine, featured on radio shows as well as being interviewed on Fora.ie and Her.ie’s #MakeAFuss series on female entrepreneurs.

Susan Bourke is another intriguing business person who has a track record in setting up innovative businesses since the 1970s.  Her latest business idea was to bring a unique online marketing platform for solicitors and the legal sector to Ireland.

Susan told her story of how she got the idea to bring LegalRSS.ie to Ireland while training solicitors in digital marketing as she noticed they were struggling to market their firms online.  Her story was picked up by a number of local and national media outlets including The Sunday Business Post and Marke8ing.ie – with a few more interviews in the pipeline.

It just goes to show, that if you have a good story, then the media is willing to listen – no matter what the size of your business.