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POSTED 15.9.2017

6 PR tips for telling your story this autumn

It’s hard to believe it but the nights are already closing in and business owners and managers are looking ahead to the final quarter of the year. 

By Martha Kearns

Raising your company’s profile in the media is often top of the ‘to do’ list at this time of the year, especially for those who are selling products into the Christmas market.

Inquiries to StoryLab from potential new clients always increase in September —both from those wishing to dip their toe into the PR waters for the first time and those who want to refresh their PR campaign before the new year starts.

Being the kind people we are here at StoryLab, we have taken the pain out of wondering when you should start your next PR push. In short, the answer is ‘Now’, but we’ve put together six PR tips for getting your story heard this autumn.


  1. It’s never too early for the ‘C’ word

We know, we know! Most of us generally don’t want to think of Christmas yet but preparation for the Christmas season is already well underway in the retail sector. And, for those of you hoping to get your beautiful products into the glossy magazines and Christmas gift sections, now is the time to start developing your pitch. Deadlines  — especially Christmas deadlines — wait for no man.


  1. Be in the moment

Business people love a bit of forward planning and are probably already projecting for 2018 and examining strategies for the new year. But don’t forget about the here and now. There is still lots of time to make 2017 The Year of Your Story so think about what coverage you can get this week, next week or in October. Don’t always look ahead.


  1. Print is dead. Long live print.

The never-ending debate over whether newspapers are over still rages on. It is an anomaly as many people claim newspapers are the ‘old’ way to consume news yet, when it comes down to it, many company owners still want to see their brands in the paper. The prestige that can come from being in the physical newspaper is something not to ignore.


  1. Get online

In complete contradiction to my last point, you have got to be online! Many people don’t see online as being as prestigious as print or radio or television. But successful online PR is an amazing way to share your story. It also allows you to continue sharing it on your own channels once it is published. There is also the added bonus that backlinks can bring to your business – and it is a great way to measure your PR campaign.


  1. Quality and Quantity

As well as making sure that your PR strategy includes a mix of print, broadcast and online, you need to keep an eye on the quality of that coverage. It’s all well and good getting a piece into a prestigious medical journal, but if your audience is not picking up that publication, what’s the point? Be clear on who you want to hear your story (i.e. you audience) and then work back to where you want your story to be told (i.e. the media outlet) and start from there.


  1. Picture perfect

No matter how often some people are told, they still don’t get the importance of images when pitching to a newsdesk. A good-quality image —  by a professional photographer — won’t ensure coverage but it will give you a fighting chance. And, no, you can’t take it on an iPhone, even if it is an iPhone X!