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POSTED 3.11.2022

Video: ‘Have you got a minute? Watch this!’

We’ve been busy recently creating lots of video content for a range of clients.

There’s been a dramatic uptick in the need – or want – for video stories, partly fuelled by the popularity of video-based social channels such as Tik Tok and Instagram. Consumption of video is rampant and businesses are well-placed to get themselves in front of ever-growing audiences.

While we all love a good TikTok dance or an amusing lip-sync skit, our business clients usually want video that can deliver key messages about the benefits of their services. They want content that can be broken apart to serve multiple platforms, from those 15-second spots to more rounded video promos.

Whatever the length of the video, we have one question for every client: what do you want to say and can we help you say it with conciseness and brevity?

Corporate videos once ran to four or five minutes, sometimes even longer! In recent years, that’s become two minutes or 90 seconds, or even less. People today are more likely to say: ‘have you got a minute? Watch this!’

We specialise in making these kinds of one or two-minute videos, helping clients such as Trinity College Dublin, Digital Skillnet and others craft sharper stories and messages.

That’s why StoryLab is different. As vastly experienced journalists, we dramatically shorten the video-making process by asking the right questions and eliciting the right answers.

With smarter direction and production that keeps costs down and everyone happy, we will make your video work harder with minimum waffle and maximum impact.

If you’re thinking of making a video, give Ciaran a call at 01 685 3029 or email ciaran@storylab.ie

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