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About Us

This is the StoryLab Story

We know that people love a good story

StoryLab is a PR and Content Agency based here in Sligo, on the West Coast of Ireland. We set up StoryLab in 2014 when we realised that many PR agencies weren’t telling good stories for clients. It was also obvious to us that they weren’t offering value for money, so we wanted to change that.

After 20 years in newspapers, running departments including news, business, education, lifestyle and features, we know a few things about storytelling. Even with the huge changes in media consumption — people absolutely love a good story.

We understand that businesses often struggle to tell those stories and struggle to make themselves visible in the media. However, that’s where we come in.

StoryLab helps businesses tell their stories

Our team helps brands and organisations discover and develop the stories that set them apart. Fascinating stories are real stories and with over 20 years in journalism, our team are able to extract the stories that matter and deliver those stories to those who need to hear them the most! Nowadays, storytelling is four-dimensional and must reach the public through various mediums, including traditional, social media, radio, etc. Thus, there is no one solution fits all approach for your business. StoryLab offers various PR and Content services that will help businesses craft their story and deliver it to the right people. StoryLab’s services include:

  • Content Writing
  • Public Relations (press releases)
  • Video Production
  • Graphic Design (brochures, newsletters, lanyards, social media graphics, etc)
  • Media Training

Once your story has been expertly crafted, we tell your story to our top media contacts, unlocking outstanding results for you and your business.

StoryLab believes that the principles of quality journalism remain the best possible tools to help you tell any story, in any medium.

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