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POSTED 17.2.2020

5 reasons to have a company newsletter

Really connecting with with your team through engaging internal communications — such as a modern, interesting and cleverly-designed newsletter — can help retain employees and boost morale. Here are 5 reasons you need to have a company newsletter.

All businesses can benefit from employee newsletters. When really well executed, regular newsletters can greatly improve communications and boost morale. We work with organisations nationwide to create compelling and beautifully designed newsletters to help them engage and retain employees. Here are our five reasons why you should create a company newsletter.

Promote company policies and values

When the whole team is aware of the company’s policies and values, this can help each department when it comes to representing the business to prospective clients and new employees. It’s also important to remind employees what kind of supports and training are available to them. Employees usually receive information when they are hired about working hours, holidays and other important dates. Highlighting these regularly through a newsletter provides continuous engagement with your employees and helps with retention.

Celebrate success

Whether it’s a promotion, winning a new client account or someone completing their very first marathon, if someone in your team has achieved something, it’s worth celebrating. Everyone likes to feel their work is appreciated; a shout out about their achievements will make them feel valued and it can encourage other employees to learn from their colleagues and take more pride in their own work. Celebrating employees’ personal achievements too can boost their morale.

Welcome new team members

When a new team member joins it can be tricky for their colleagues to find the time to get to know them and their role. Welcoming and introducing new people is important in every company, no matter the size. Doing so through an employee newsletter — using journalistic techniques to make their stories compelling — is a great way to encourage a conversation.

What’s going on?

In large organisations, you may not know what happens outside your own department. Sharing the stories about important projects will promote company knowledge and encourages collaborations between different departments. It also is an easy way to share ‘wins’ outside of departments so others can learn from their success. Newsletters are also an important way to share company news with employees.

It’s a bit of fun!

We all come to work to do the best job possible but it’s important to have a little relief now and again. Providing a company newsletter filled with uplifting stories and celebrating milestones can be a great way to encourage employees to take a break from looking at the screen and relaxing with a cuppa and something to read.

At StoryLab, we work with clients to help them tell their stories and share those with their employees. If you’ve thought about creating an employee newsletter for your business and need help telling your stories, get in touch with us.