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POSTED 24.9.2019

Hoop Dreams: How Orreco conquered America

It’s a story that began nine years ago after a young sports scientist attended an information day organised by Enterprise Ireland in Sligo’s Glasshouse hotel.

Dr. Brian Moore went on to found Orreco with Consultant Hematologist Dr Andrew Hodgson, setting up offices in IT Sligo’s Innovation Centre.

Fast forward to 2019 and these days the company is now headquartered at NUIG in Galway and also operating out of Orreco’s new high-tech office set within the campus of Sports Rehab Los Angeles, one of America’s most high-profile sports training and recovery centres.

Sports Rehab LA has some of the world’s most famous sports stars on its books including the biggest names in basketball, American football, and the English Premier League.

“Our home in LA allows us to deliver a truly world-leading offering for elite athletes in the United States, a significant market for us,” said Dr. Moore.

“At Orreco, we work with some of the best athletes on the planet. We are also very proud of the peer-reviewed research that drives our support and are constantly looking for evidence-based and clinically-proven technology that can help our clients get even better.”

Orreco is different because it’s not a software package or platform. It doesn’t just analyse bloods through biomarking, or simply produce data  – it works alongside the teams and players to interpret and analyse the data and suggests desired outcomes that can help teams win and avoid injuries.

What sets the business apart is a combination of proprietary data sets (GPS data, wellness data, training statistics, etc), world-leading sports and data scientists and working with phenomenal athletes who are constantly striving to get better.

That’s why some its recent ‘wins’ are so noticeable, as it makes serious inroads into one of America’s most popular sports – basketball.

Orreco has deep experience within the NBA having worked for several years with franchises and individual NBA athletes.

Now the company has signed multi-year agreements with the Atlanta Hawks as well as the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) for its bioanalytical services.

Orreco will work with both to help, support and accelerate player recovery, optimise game-time performance and cut the numbers of on-pitch/track/court days lost to illness.

Recent media coverage has seen the company featured by BBC News, The New York Times and The Irish Times.

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