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POSTED 23.6.2017

How to master your own social media videos

Videos on social media are great for giving people a more personal insight into your business and it’s a fantastic way to introduce a promotion, a new arrival in store or to announce a competition winner.

By Erin Fox

With Facebook’s latest algorithm pushing businesses to post more videos in order to maintain a high organic reach, video has become an essential part of your content plan so if you’re not posting videos already, then you need to get started.

Some people are naturals in front of the camera; others clam up and feel the pressure of thousands of eyes upon them. People can look uncomfortable, they fidget, they break eye contact and ‘um’ and ‘er’ far too many times.

The good news is that most of that can be fixed.

You don’t need a professional voiceover or a qualification in filmmaking to master social media videos. Professional help is probably ideal but you can make great videos yourself with just a little practice and preparation.

So, to prepare you for your big debut on social media, here’s some tips for creating good-quality videos.


Plan ahead

What’s the story? Decide on the hook and make sure it grabs people’s attention. The shorter the video the better, so make your points short and sweet.


Lights, camera, action!

You wouldn’t post a shadowy photo on social media so, before you start shooting, make sure there’s plenty of light in the space so your audience can see your face and surroundings properly, and to ensure a high-quality picture.


The eyes are the window to your soul

It’s very easy to break eye contact with the camera, but remember that when you do, you’re breaking eye contact with your audience. Try to picture your entire audience in the room with you, or if that’s too nerve wracking, picture just one person that you’re trying to make an impression on. You can break eye contact but only if it’s to point at an object or to walk to the other side of the room.


Learn your lines

You don’t need to prepare a lengthy script but do practise what you’re going to say. Being unprepared is one of the reasons why people break eye contact with the camera. They’re thinking about what to say next and their eyes wander. Or they rush through their words and don’t speak clearly. So, learn your words and practice saying them with confidence.


Keep a steady hand

If you’ve got someone following you around with a camera, make sure it’s rock steady. Invest in a tripod to hold your smartphone to avoid a shaky picture. The better the quality, the better your audience will be able to focus on the video. Don’t be tempted to use digital zoom to get closer to the object or person you are filming. This can often make the video blurry and deplete the quality. Also, remember to hold the phone sideways to shoot in landscape mode so when people are watching, they don’t see two black bars on the side which is the result of portrait mode.


Consider using subtitles

Most people watch videos on the commute to work and subtitles make it easier to watch without bothering other commuters with the sound on. Also, hearing impairment affects a certain percentage of the population so subtitles are a saving grace.


Be yourself

Finally, the most important thing to remember is to be yourself. You’re the reason why people shop in your store, use your service, or follow your blog. So, relax and have fun sharing your stories.