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POSTED 18.2.2019

Video content is a no-brainer

The need to include video in your storytelling arsenal is something of a no-brainer in the visual age that we now live in. It’s no longer a luxury.

While some people love the written word, there are many more who will only consume a story or digest an important message when it is delivered on screen. You’ve simply got to reach these audiences.

More often than not, the device of choice is a smartphone, the place where social media channels and business-related channels intersect.

That’s why we make quality videos for clients that do the job – videos that are tailored to deliver precise messages or news stories in the way that you want them delivered.

StoryLab works with clients to craft impactful stories that are coherent and consistent.

We make sure that every word counts and every scene is working for a business, helping you to shape and control your own stories.

Much of the work is done before the camera even comes out; we work closely with clients on what exactly they want to say and how to say it.

Then we are on the ground, by their side, when the cameras start rolling to put them at ease and make sure their messages are delivered. First-class editing takes care of the rest and pretty soon, you are ready to roll.

Talk to us about how affordable video can help you to nail your important messages. We do pretty much all of the stuff that’s needed these days, whether it’s a slick 90-second corporate promo or a specific message or announcement, we’ll be happy to give you a peek at our showreel of recent projects.