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POSTED 12.4.2023

Video didn’t kill the radio star, it’s continuing the story!

Our clients are increasingly looking for video that can be as versatile as possible in assisting their storytelling across multiple platforms – for both internal and external communications.

They’re not looking to replace a particular medium such as written word content or audio podcasting, they’re simply flexing their screen power.

Video helps to reinforce the benefits of a product or service and can provide a crystal clear opportunity to get right to the heart of a business or organisation’s mission. It also results in significant levels of engagement.

While video is often dynamic, fleeting and brief, it can can also enjoy an extended shelf-life. With clever editing and the right script, a good business-focussed video doesn’t have to age quickly and disappear. In being able to find repeated uses for video clips, clients get real value on their spend.

StoryLab’s recent projects have seen us filming at business sites involved in AI, robotics, biomedical devices, healthcare, aviation, food and tourism, while we’ve also been gathering focused video content for specific events.

As well as bringing the cameras and all the other latest technical gear, we’re there to make the whole process painless. We do that by sending an experienced journalist on location who asks the right questions – and gets the right answers – from the right people.

That means you end up with video that’s just the right length and mirrors your messaging. It’s precise, focused and perfectly fits your storytelling strategy.

We’ll add music and graphics to your liking and even advise on how to get the most from your finished content on your various social media channels.

If you are interested in producing captivating video content, give us a call at 01 685 3029.